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eManifests… For a Quick and Worry-Free Custom Clearance Process

RBI Canada offers a secure and personalized service to electronically submit your manifests (eManifests) to CBP and CBSA.

We were among the first companies to implement electronic data transmission back in 2006. As such, our experience and attention to details are without peer.


We provide several customized solutions… Including the one you specifically need

Our expertise enables us to quickly review your transactions and provide unrivaled customer service.

Whatever your North American clearance needs are, we have a service level to meet and exceed your expectations:

Our Quick and Straightforward “Regular Service”
Our “Regular Service” is easy and fast. 
Just email, fax or send us your data by any other mean and you are ready to go.
No need to wait for a confirmation before leaving.
As soon as you send us the information, your driver can take the road. 
You will receive confirmation of the acceptance of your manifest via email or by a verbal confirmation from our staff.


Full-Service “Fax-to-Broker”
Our “Fax-to-Broker” service is even more exhaustive.
The procedure is the same as for the “Full Service”, but with a plus: we also send the necessary documents to your designated customs clearance broker.
You will then receive the entry and transaction number at the same time as your manifest’s confirmation of acceptance.


Our “Complete Care” Package Including Customization
Our “Complete Care” Package provides you with the custom services that address your exact needs.
As an example, we can specifically process your After Hours, Weekend or Holidays filings without ever disrupting the daily operations performed by your dispatch.
Several options are available with our various service levels.
An option could be that your drivers receive an email notification that their ACE/ACI has been accepted. They could also receive an eManifest cover page produced by our system. You could also include your dispatcher, or any other employee you choose, in our system’s notification chain.

Contact our experts so we can quickly implement together the custom solution that will meet your specific needs.